Workshop on phenotyping standards 29-30 April

This is a 1 1/2 days introductory workshop hosted by NordPlant and INRA on datastandards for plant phenotyping led by Célia Michotey (INRA). It will be held 29-30 April in Lund and is open for maximum 20 participants.  Employees at the five NordPlant university have priority, but a number of places are also reserved for researchers at other Nordic Universities.

To register please send an email to Erik Alexandersson  including a short motivation why this workshop would benefit you. It is open to PhDs, post docs, university staff and researchers.

Preliminary outline

Day 1 morning

** general overview of the standards for phenotyping studies

** presentation of the MIAPPE standard, used to describe trial studies (

** presentation of the cropontology standard, ontologies used to define observations made in the trials (

** presentation of an ontology for forest trees: the “Woody Plant Ontology” (

Day 1 afternoon:

** hands-on session: each participant bring a relevant dataset of its phenotyping data and try to use the presented standards to describe it

** wrap-up of the hands-on session

Day 2 morning

** examples of data management, advantages of using standards (with an evocation of the BrAPI standard,

** conclusions of the workshop

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