Berry wax in the North

Priyanka Trivedi, an I4 Future doctoral candidate (UO, Finland and UiT, Tromso)  is studying the effect of environmental factors on the composition and biosynthesis of cuticular wax in bilberry (WAX- project funded by Interreg Nord). She is  currently working in the Biotron facility at SLU Alnarp to study the effect of different temperatures on bilberry wax as a part of research mobility of NordPlant. NordPlant promotes education, research mobility and technological development to meet future challenges in Nordic agriculture and forestry.

Bilberry (Vaccinium myrtillus), commonly called as European blueberry is a woody, deciduous dwarf shrub and bilberry fruit has an outer covering of cuticular wax which functions in protecting the berry fruits again water loss, pathogen attack and UV radiation, which is the focus of Priyanka’s PhD research.

For more information on the project contact Priyanka Trivedi