Junfeng Gao, new in NordPlant!

Junfeng Gao will be a new post doc in our NordPlant project. He most recently comes from Ghent University where he used deep machine learning for weed detection in field conditions and also joint developed a vision-based site-specific spraying prototype with Wageningen University& Research. Together with…
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Berry wax in the North

Priyanka Trivedi, an I4 Future doctoral candidate (UO, Finland and UiT, Tromso)  is studying the effect of environmental factors on the composition and biosynthesis of cuticular wax in bilberry (WAX- project funded by Interreg Nord). She is  currently working in…
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NordPlant focus groups

NordPlant has decided to establish a number of focus groups to identify future challenges associated with Nordic climate change and to assist with technological developments around plant phenomics and climate research. At the NordPlant Kickoff in Helsinki 24-25 October 2018, the…
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