Denmark stands out in review of plant phenotyping publications

In a recent bibliometric review that maps plant phenotyping publications, Denmark is the EU country with the highest number of phenotyping publications per inhabitant (together with Luxembourg). The authors map plant phenotyping publications worldwide and conclude that plant phenotyping requires dedicated infrastructures providing tools and resources, and that these are mostly available in a limited number of key countries.

Map of the plant phenotyping publications normalized according to the number of inhabitants in the world (left) and in the EU countries (right; in black countries that are not part of EU). The color intensities were related to the number of normalized publications, as highlighted in the bars.

The article “Plant Phenotyping Research Trends, a Science Mapping Approach” by Corrado Costa, Ulrich Schurr, Francesco Loreto, Paolo Menesatti and Sebastien Carpentier is licenced under CC-BY.