The NordPlant common data standards project

The use of common standards for data handling, metadata generation and data storage is critical for data sharing. Common standards are a necessary prerequisite for the FAIR data principles (that research data should be Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable). One of the goals of NordPlant is to establish a set of common data standards for the participating facilities.

For this purpose, we have formed a group consisting of Tatu Polvinen and Katriina Mouhu at NaPPI and Jesper Cairo Westergaard at PhenoLab, with Kristiina Himanen and Thomas Roitsch as supervisors. This group has started their work , with the goal of producing:

  • An inventory of the types of data produced at NaPPI and PhenoLab with a focus on
    • the types of data produced
    • how it is currently documented
    • how it is currently stored and backed up
    • if/how the facilities deal with ethics and legal compliance
    • sharing and long-term preservation of data
  • A plan for how the Plant Phenomics Information System (PHIS) can be implemented at the facilities, with an inventory of what is needed to reach that goal
  • A test case using real data from one of the facilities, showing how the standards can be used with our type of data

The group will keep in contact continuously and meet in person in Copenhagen on March 18, In Helsinki on Maj 27-28 and present a report att the second annual NordPlant day in Tromsø on November 5-6.