The new Phenocave is being developed in SLU Alnarp

Automated plant phenotyping in precise environments is key to monitor the effects on crops in a changing climate. Therefore, an affordable and high precision automated phenotyping system, the Phenocave, is currently being developed at SLU Alnarp for visible and multispectral imaging of plants. Phenocave is custom built for the Biotron in SLU Alnarp – a climate controlled plant growth facility. Read more about the Biotron here.

“With Phenocave in the Biotron, we will be able to study the morphological and physiological effects of biotic and abiotic stresses on plants”, says responsible researcher Aakash Chawade.

Phenocave is developed in the two projects: a) NordPlant and b) SLU Grogrund project developing automated phenotyping methods.