The 2nd NordPlant Annual Meeting 5-6 November 2020 will be held online

We originally intended to hold our second annual meeting in Tromsø, Norway. However, in view of the current situation we have decided to hold an online meeting instead.

The theme will still be: “Plant phenotyping and modelling for improved resilience and maintained quality in a changing climate“. Immediately before the meeting, there will also be two ancillary meetings for the NordPlant phenotyping facility managers and the group working on common data standards for NordPlant. The main meeting will start 13.00 on 5 November and end 11.00 on 6 November. Details about the how to participate online will be announced later.

Join the meeting via Zoom Meeting: [Pls use zoom v 5.4 or later]

The short PhD course on hyperspectral imaging that we intended to give before the meeting is cancelled, but we hope to be able to give it at a later date.

Among the invited speakers are Klára Panzarová from Photon Systems Instruments, Czech Republic, Annette Menzel from Technical University of Munich School of Life Sciences, Germany, Odd Arne Rognli/Morten Lillemo from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Kaisa Nieminen at LUKE and Timo Hytönen from the University of Helsinki.

Even though the meeting is online, it will help us in our planning if everyone who intends to participate registers. Please take the time to register, and we hope to see you online!

The program can be found here

Plant phenotyping and modelling for improved resilience and maintained quality in a changing climate - 2nd NordPlant Annual Meeting

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