SASUF Webinar: Let’s make sense of it – non-invasive sensing for food, agriculture and urban green spaces

Remote sensing and multispectral imaging will revolutionize many aspects of human society, not least when it comes to plants and plant-derived products. In agriculture, these novel techniques are already now making an impact on plant breeding and precision agriculture. Similar rapid advances for monitoring are seen in food production to ensure quality and safety in an efficient way. In the urban environment remote sensing and multispectral imaging could help to keep track on the state of highly valuable urban trees.

In this online webinar we want to identify the current status and compare the use of remote sensing within agriculture, food technology and urban spaces between South Africa and Sweden both in academia and industry. We will have presenters from both academia and the private sector in the three areas and will end off with a student panel discussing what they see as a future directions to go.

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Program Tuesday 24 November, 14-16 CET

14:00 Welcome, Erik Alexandersson, SLU

14:10 “Agricultural Research Council- UAV platform: the science behind the picture”, Mohamed Ahmed, ARC, South Africa

14:25 “Helping SA farmers from space – how FarmPin is using ESA satellite data” David Campey, founder FarmPin, South Africa

14:40 “Satellite Infrastructure For Farming Applications”, Qiang Wang, Vultus AB, Sweden

14:55 “Urban monitoring in Sweden”, Harald Klein, SLU

15:10 “Remote sensing of urban microclimates”, Timothy Dube, UWC

15:25 “Making the invisible, visible with spectral imaging and NIR spectroscopy ”, Paul Williams, Stellenbosch University

15:40 How do you use non-invasive sensing and can we strengthen research on across disciplines (and even between Sweden and South Africa!). Panel of young researchers: Alexia Naudé (Stellenbosch University), Cindy Sobotker (UWC) and Murilo Sandroni (SLU) Moderator: Erik Alexandersson (SLU)

16:00 End

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