NordPlant 2nd annual meeting on-line poster session

These are the posters being presented at the 2nd NordPlant annual meeting. Go to the presentation by joining the breakout room with the corresponding number and name of the presenter. The idea is that the poster presentation should work like a physical poster session, where the participants can move freely between the posters. The presentations will be divided into two sessions, to let the presenters have time to move around and look at the other posters. There will also be three rooms for different discussions that will be open the whole session (see below).

Session 1: 15.00-15.25

Poster 1: The effect of combined stress on the physiological traits in spring wheat by using dynamic image-based phenotyping, Lamis Abdelhakim et al.

Poster 2: Automatic image analysis of sugar beet – a deep learning approach, Tobias Ekblad

Poster 3: Plant-Symbiont matchmaking, Bradley Dotson et al.

Poster 4: Modelling Populus autumn phenology: the importance of
temperature and photoperiod
, Tetiana Svystun et al.

Poster 5: An agroecological perspective for improving drought tolerance of wheat cultivars for Sweden, Marwan Alamrani et al.

Session 2: 15.30-15.55

Poster 6: Genome-Wide Association Mapping for Root System Architecture Traits in Ethiopian Durum Wheat (Triticum turgidum ssp. durum) with High Density SNP Markers, Admas Alemu

Poster 7: Fusarium head blight severity, kernel damage and deoxynivalenol accumulation in four winter small grain cereals, David S. Gaikpa et al.

Poster 8: Assessing the cost of induced resistance in potato, Murilo Araujo Sandroni et al.

Poster 9: The potential and challenges of UAV-borne remote sensing for early detection of potato late blight, Erik Alexandersson et al.

Poster 10: Analysis of foliar of Brachiara grasses with image processing techniques, Luisa Fernanda Leiva S. et al.

Session 1 and 2: 15.00-15.55

Facility discussion room: Do you have an idea for one of the facilities that you would like to discuss with other users? Then go to this room and bring it up!

Data standards discussion room: Do you want to discuss common standards for phenotyping data? Then go to this room and find other people interested in this topic!

Coffee room: A room for general discussion of any topic that the participants want to bring up.