Technician position in plant phenotyping @UiT The Arctic University of Norway

At the Department of Arctic and Marine Biology (AMB), UiT The Arctic University of Norway, Tromsø, a technical position as lab and data engineer for plant phenotyping is available. The position is linked to the research group “Micro-organisms and Plants” and is funded by UiT’s strategic project ABSORB – Arctic Carbon Storage from Biomes, aiming at capture and sequestration of carbon from the atmosphere to marine and terrestrial biomass. The project is part of the activities of ARC – The Arctic Centre for Sustainable Energy, an interdisciplinary research centre at UiT focusing on Arctic challenges within renewable energy and greenhouse gas management in order to create sustainable societies in the Arctic. The project is conducted in collaboration with NIBIO.

The position will be available from 01.09.2021 or as soon as possible thereafter. The position is for a period of three years. Apply for this position here

Job description

The person to be hired will work as a part of the multi-disciplinary project ABSORB, which aims to leverage Arctic marine and terrestrial ecological properties for developing carbon capture, sequestration, and utilization biotechnologies. The technician work includes supporting the group in a variety of phenotyping analyses of plant and algal biomass. Particular emphasis is given to hyperspectral imaging, but the phenotyping approaches may include also the use of other imaging modalities.

The work tasks include operating non-destructive high-throughput optics-based plant and biomass monitoring systems, which can be utilized under controlled (greenhouse, phytotron, bioreactor, lab) or field conditions. The applicant is expected to optimize imaging conditions and programs to ensure high data quality, conduct data pre-processing and quality assurance, perform exploratory data analysis and visualization, and support researchers in subsequent steps in data analysis by various multivariate computational approaches. In addition, the person to be hired takes the responsibility of the technical maintenance of the instrumentation. The applicant should further be willing to attend in performing preparative steps for experiments, helping in data interpretation as well as support of courses connected to the equipment or project (at master and PhD level).

The person to be hired will get an opportunity to work as a part of an international and multidisciplinary research group with experience in plant, algae, and microbe biology, environmental and agricultural research, and hyperspectral imaging. The work is conducted mainly in greenhouse and laboratory facilities.


For further information about the position, please contact Dr. Katja Karppinen, phone: +47 77 64 50 76, email: