NordPlant Newsletter – November 2021

The big upcoming event in the NordPlant network is the NordPlant annual meeting on 25-26 November! In addition, this newsletter contains news about our work with introducing common data standards, upcoming events and more.  

1. Final program for the NordPlant annual meeting 25-26 November in Tromsø
2. Nordic PhD course in plant imaging and phenotyping in Tromsø, 22.-26.11.2021 (3 ECTS)
3. Virtual tour of the ClimaLab in Tromsø on 25 November at 9.30
4. Upcoming NOVA course Joint data standards NordPlant publication milestone achieved
5. The 7th Annual NPPN Workshop, 1-2 February 2022  
6. Final program for the NordPlant annual meeting 25-26 November in Tromsø, Norway

The program for the next annual meeting is now finished.
Among the highlights are presentation by Magnus Nordborg from the Gregor Mendel Institute in Austria, Eva Rosenqvist from UCPH, Jørgen A. B. Mølmann from NIBIO and David Percival from Dalhousie University in Canada, as well as aand a panel discussion on “Successful Plant Modelling and Phenotyping for the Nordic Countries – What is Needed?” with Eva Rosenqvist, Jørgen A. B. Mølmann, Markku Keinänen, Morten Lillemo, Ove Nilsson and Rick van de Zedde. It is possible to attend the meeting both online and in person. Please visit the website to see the full program and to register for the meeting.    
Nordic PhD course in plant imaging and phenotyping in Tromsø, Norway 22.-26.11.2021 (3 ECTS)
On 22-24 November 2021, Laura Jaakola, Markku Keinänen and Katja Karppinen will organize a course in Novel Imaging Methods in Plant Stress Research in Tromsø, Norway. The course is filling fast, but check out the NordPlant website for the opportunity for a last-minute registration.  

Virtual tour of the ClimaLab on 25 November at 9.30
For the third time, NordPlant is arranging a virtual tour of one of our participating facilities. On this occasion it is the Climate Laboratory in Tromsø that will be featured. This facility is jointly maintained by UiT The Arctic University of Norway (UiT) and Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy (Nibio). Being located 350 km north of the arctic circle, it is the northernmost phytotron in the world and offers opportunities to study plant growth with the unique light conditions characteristic of the arctic.

The tour will be held over Zoom, and kan be reached through this link: and the passcode 602248. If you are curious about the format, a previous tour can be seen here.   Upcoming NOVA course on data standards and omics in phenotyping In 2022, Erik Alexandersson and Svante Resjö will organize a course in Phenotyping Technologies in Plant-environment Interactions – Common Data Standards and Omics Technologies in Phenotyping, as part of the new NOVA course initiative. The exact time and location for this course is not decided yet, but it is likely that it will be in association with the NordPlant annual meeting, in November 2022.

Joint data standards
The work within NordPlant on joint data standards is progressing! The latest development is that NordPlant has signed an agreement with INRA Montpellier, where INRA Montpellier will provide support during the installation process. Work on the installation and testing is ongoing, and the current status will be presented by Jesper Cairo Westergaard and Tatu Polvinen at the annual meeting. More background information on this work can be found in this post.  

NordPlant publication milestone achieved
One of the milestones set out in the NordPlant application was the publication of 18 joint scientific articles in the 2018-2023 time period. We are happy to announce that we have already achieved this, since we have published more than 20 articles up to today, and more are in preparation. We are very happy that our collaborations have been so fruitful!  

The 7th Annual NPPN Workshop, 1-2 February 2022
In February next year, the Nordic Plant Phenotyping Network (NPPN) will arrange the 7th Annual NPPN Workshop. It will take place on 1-2 February 2022 in Båstad, Sweden. The program will include presentations from the project partners as well as invited keynote speakers.


We from NordPlant look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at the annual meeting – either in person or remotely, and wish you all the best for the coming fall and winter!