Researchers from Stellenbosch universtiy visits SLU Alnarp as part of SASUF

As part of the SASUF on remote sensing MSc student Kim Mannix and researcher Paul Williams from Stellenbosch university visited Alnarp 29 June to 1 July. Apart from visiting the facilities at SLU Alnarp, the small delegation took the chance and visited Borgeby Fältdagar. As a grand final they went to the IASIM 2022 conference on spectral imaging in Esbjerg, Denmark!

In his research Paul is studying food stuff with the use of NIR hyperspectral imaging and spectroscopy. In the IASIM meeting he held an oral presented on how using hyperspectral imaging can capture food fraud, using on beef patties as an example. Kim does her MSc thesis on detection and distinction of fungal plant pathogens by hyperspectral imaging. She is expected to defend her thesis end of this year.

Visiting Borgeby fältdagar 2022

This SASUF initiative focuses on remote sensing and spectral imaging for food, agriculture and urban planning. These techniques are already revolutionizing many aspects of human society, not least when it comes to plants and plant-derived products. These novel techniques are making an impact on both plant breeding and precision agriculture. Similar rapid advances for monitoring are seen in food production to ensure quality and safety. In the urban environment, remote sensing and spectral imaging could help to keep track on the state of highly valuable urban trees.

Paul Williams presenting during the IASIM conference

As a last part of this SASUF on remote sensing and spectral imaging we are planning to have a workshop on how we can advance education in the area during the SASUF Virtual Week 19-23 September.

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