New logo – NordPlant is now NordPlant-UPSCALE!

End of 2022 NordForsk granted the proposal “UPSCALE – Upscaling crop performance monitoring by linking satellite and field biosignatures” 10 million Norwegian krona. More information of this project is available here

We are now happy to announce that UPSCALE will use as a platform to spread information and that we have a new logo based on NordPlant’s old logo! We believe that this will both keep the work done as part of NordPlant will be more durable and give better exposure to UPSCALE. The NordPlant University Hub will finish end of 2023, however, the hompage will now live on.

UPSCALE is run by The Lithuanian Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry (LAMMC), Lund University, University, SLU, University of Helsinki and UiT the arctic university of norway with associated partner University of Copenhagen.

The UPSCALE project spans over four years (2023-2026). If you want to receive more information about UPSCALE please contact the coordinator Erik Alexandersson.