Posters at the Third NordPlant annual meeting

The poster session and tech corner is entirely online, and will take place Thursday 25 November, 16.00-17.00. To participate, join use this Zoom meeting, with the passcode 420462. The posters can be found in the breakout rooms, with the numbering as below. To view a poster, just join the breakout room with the corresponding number.

Breakout room numberPresenterTitleUniversity/Company
1Igor TihonovMore efficient plant phenotyping with dronesSolvi
2Paulina DziosaHigh-throughput microscopic phenotyping of traits related to plant susceptibility to two-spotted spider miteWARSAW UNIVERSITY OF LIFE SCIENCES
3HannahJoy KennedyDrone Phenotyping at Estonian Crop Research InstituteEstonian Crop Research Institute
4Junfeng GaoFrontier special issue CfP: Robotics for crop care and breedingUniversity of Lincoln
5Chao QiTea Chrysanthemum Detection under Unstructured EnvironmentsUniversity of Lincoln
6Sumod NandanwarFarmhealFarmheal
7Anton HolmströmKatamKatam
8Sonia MbarkiComparing salt tolerance at germination stages in local populations of Medicago ciliaris L. grown at differents levels of NaCl concentrationsCBBC Tunisia
9Florent AbdelghafourEarly pythopathology detection in spectrophotometry: dealing with growth and time factor. Application to Potato « early blight » (Alternaria solani)INRAE